Installing Android Studio on Linux Mint 18.2

I recently enrolled in a free online React Native bootcamp offered by In the past I also took his React bootcamp, and found that educational and informative as well.

At one point in the React Native bootcamp, the instructor talks about IDE’s and mentioned Xcode and Android Studio. I don’t have a Mac right now, so I went ahead and installed Android Studio on my MSI GT72-2QD Dominator. That machine sports an Intel i7 CPU, 32 GB RAM, and 2, 525GB M.1 SATA drives, on a RAID-0 mirror.

The first step in installing Android Studio is to visit their website at On the page that loads, you should see the download button. Under that button should show you current operating system. In my case, that was ‘3.1.4 for Linux 64-bit (856 MB)’.

Click on the download button. With this, you should be presented with a terms and conditions page, with a checkbox to accept the terms and conditions. Click the checkbox to enable the download button. Then click the Download button to begin your download. In my case, the download was almost 900MB. Probably wouldn’t recommend downloading from your mobile hotspot on your phone. Do it from your home, or some other place that has a fast internet connection, and no data limits.

Once the download is complete, move the new .zip file to a directory of your choice. Personally, I prefer to install my downloaded applications in the /opt directory. Change directories to the one that you downloaded the .zip file to and issue the following command…

sudo mv ./ /opt

Next, unzip the file into the /opt directory by issuing the following command…

sudo unzip ./

When complete, you should see a new directory, android-studio, under /opt, and it should look like this…

Next, change to the bin directory by issuing the following command…

cd /opt/bin

Once there, issue the following command to start the Android Studio IDE…


This should give you the welcome screen below. Now we will get Android Studio set up for first use. These steps should only need to be done once.

Click ‘Next’ to get to the next screen.

Make sure that ‘Standard’ is checked and click ‘Next’.

Select a theme you like. I prefer ‘Darkula’. Then click ‘Next’ to continue.

On the next screen, verify your installation settings. If you need to change anything click ‘Previous’ to go back. Otherwise, click ‘Next’ to begin the installation. Installation will take a few minutes, so go grab a beer and come back.

At the end of the installation your screen should look like this. Press ‘Finish’ to complete the installation.

Your Android Studio installation is now complete. You should see the Welcome screen below.

That completes this tutorial on installing Android Studio on Linux Mint 18.2.

Please leave any questions or comments below, or contact me directly using the site’s Contact Us form.

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