My experience in web development dates all the way back to the mid-nineties. if you were alive then, the Java programming language was just born. JavaScript was just a novelty used to product animations in your NetScape or Internet Explorer browser. 56.6k modems were all the rage, and getting a connection to the internet involved that all too familiar screeching and static sound of a digital modem connecting to a local BBS bulletin board. (These were not the good old days).

Times have changed, and I have too. I have been fortunate enough to witness firsthand the wondrous evolution of what is possibly the greatest advancement in technology in all of human history.

The sites I did in the mid-nineties were very basic. Mostly simple HTML, uploaded images, and some CSS. The applications I build today are complex, utilizing the very latest cutting edge technologies ranging from JavaScript, React, and Angular on the front end, to Node JS and PHP on the back end. Today’s applications also involve intricately designed interactions between front end and back end via asynchronous AJAX calls, that retrieve and insert data to and from back end databases, such as MySQL an MongoDB.

What follows is a chronological listing of websites I have touched throughout my career. The projects are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent ones first.

The question of whether or not I have a link to my portfolio has always been a challenge for me. First of all, the vast majority of my experience has been on deep back end projects, dealing with highly proprietary data and processes, mostly critical to the internal operations of the companies I have worked for. In preparing my portfolio page, I must tread a fine line between respecting the confidentiality of company data and processes, and exposing enough of it to be useful to anyone seeking to know more about me and my abilities. Standard business practices also require the removing of all code from developer machines, and removing programmer access to company code online when a developer moves on to another job. As a result, I do not have a lot of code samples to share.

Also, many of the companies and projects I have worked on over the years did not stand the test of time. For these, I can only include the company name, a logo, and a brief description of my involvement with the project.

That being said, here is the reverse chronological summary of my experience in web development.

KerBob Logo

Currently, I am a freelance web developer. I am organized as an LLC in the state of Texas under the name KerBob Interactive Web Solutions. This site was designed by me, and created using the React JavaScript library. Its hosting is serverless, and it utilizes services from AWS including CloudFront, API Gateway, Lamda functions, and SES. The KerBob website features my three current areas of interest, including state-of-the-art full stack web application development and maintenance, industrial IoT, and connected device prototyping. Visit the KerBob site at www.kerbob.io.

CIG Logo

CIG is a logistics company in the oil and gas industry. Their primary function is the transloading of many different grades of sand used in oil fracking, at volumes in excess of 500,000 tons per month. This site is an internal web based application, and has no public facing components. Initially, the application was written by developers overseas, when the company was much smaller. As the company grew, so did their reliance on this application. The application is used today at 60+ locations within the company across the country to track orders, incoming and on-site railcars, onsite storage, silos, outgoing trucks, and billing. Initially, my involvement in this project was the conversion of legacy HTML, PHP, and CSS to current standards. I worked in converting the application into a custom MVC design, using the Klein router, and following MVC best practices. The application employs an extensive class inheritance structure and model classes, including complex join queries to a 72 table MySQL table database. I was also involved in the design and implementation of a separate, stand alone application, written in React and Angular, which shared the existing PHP back end API.

AustinIoT Logo

Austin Internet of Things is a community driven organization I started in 2014. The group currently meets at least once every month, and provides an outlet for peer networking and education in the Internet of Things space. I created the Austin IoT website using WordPress, and maintain it to this day. The site features a home page describing the organization, and several interior pages including pages for press releases, Raspberry Pi workshops that we host, upcoming events, an about us page, and a contact us form page plugin.

H2O Logo

In 2012 I was approached by Dr. McGee Young, professor in political science at Marquette University. He was interested in creating a website that incentivized the conservation of water. The plan was that through is connections, he would obtain water usage data from cities and we would incorporate that data into our site, which residents would create accounts on to track their water usage. The other half of the equation was finding local businesses that would offer deals and discounts for residents with notable reductions in their residential water usage each month. Following several meetings with Dr. McGee and his design team, I architected and implemented a complete web based application in PHP using Zend Framework, and back end MySQL and MongoDB databases. Monthly water usage was obtained from municipalities each month, in Excel spreadsheet form, and imported into our MongoDB database using conversion scripts I created using PHP. Because every municipality tracks their resident’s water usage differently, each municipality got a different custom designed script that was used to parse records into the format the design team specified.

Rodman Logo

Local Austin attorney James Rodman contacted us wanting a new website. He wanted a few interior pages, and the ability to post blog articles. And he wanted a shark in his site theme. Working with a local designer, James Neal, we created a WordPress blog site for him. Initially, James met with the client to establish guidelines for the site. James then created PhotoShop renderings of the home page, his new logo, and several interior pages. I then took that PhotoShop file, sliced out all the graphics, and created the new site based on the PhotoShop design I received from James. Also, I hosted the site on my server, and provided e-mail hosting as well.

Alfred's Logo

Alferd’s Catering is an Austin Catering service that specializes in weddings and other special events. We were approached by Alfred to build a highly polished web presence for his catering business. Following that lead, we created a website for him using WordPress. The site contains full menus, rich, high resolution images, many interior pages, and a contact form. Visit Alfred’s Catering at alfredscatering.com

Artinvesta Logo

Artinvesta is an Australian based company specializing in the retail exchange of artwork. Artists can list their works on the site. Artinvesta brokers the sale. The site features a custom PHP design. My interaction with the project involved adding site updates, modifying content, and fixing bugs. I also implemented PayPal integration, allowing purchasers to pay for their purchases online on the site. Visit Artinvesta at artinvesta.com.

…Work in progress. I have more to add. Please stay tuned!